There was a church nearby with bells where I grew up and I remember that the bells would reach all of the city of Bellflower and it served as a constant reminder of the time. They rang for multiple reasons: funerals, weddings, Mass, and to remind locals of the time. But the reasons prevalent to this post were the hourly reminders of the time and for funerals.

I remember being a child and being outside (the way kids used to be) hearing the bells ring. I lived there so long I would be able to differentiate the songs they played. Every hours, it would just be a standard song meant to get the attention of the locals. Following the simple song would be individual rings that would indicate the hour. And when the church was holding a funeral, the song of sorrow sang by the bells would fill the air and the area was aware that someone has crossed over.

This is where I got the idea to take this photo. Because bells, to me, have always been associated with time. Bells rang throughout my life to announce transition periods between hours, freedom to long-term commitment, and life to death. So I felt it was appropriate to have a bell present upon the moment of my simulated death to guide me through the transition from life to the afterlife.

Landscapes with Corpses (ft.Korean Friendship Bell)
Landscapes with Corpses–pt. 2.

Author: MillennialFalcon

Hello, I'm Chris(tian). I enjoy a nice bowl of cereal in solitude and anything that can make me laugh. I'm a film major at CSULB with aspirations to write for the big screen or even the little screen. Lately, I've been feeling TV a bit more so. . .who knows? Nice to meet you!

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