Wk. 3 – Classmate Conversation – Brandon Nhem


I had the opportunity to meet someone else that took part in Vida/Morte, freshman Brandon Nhem. Brandon has yet to officially declare a major but he has expressed interest in Health or Kinesiology. But it is his first year at CSULB and his second semester. When Brandon isn’t at school he is collecting vinyls. He likes to get his vinyls from Fingerprints here in Long Beach. When he’s looking for vinyls, he likes to maintain a balance between mainstream and lesser known records. He admitted to having a YouTube page that he used to use in high school because he made a few videos then. When the topic of Vida/Morte came up, Brandon thought that what made the art unique was that it underplayed death. In Josh Vasquez’ art, Brandon was able to find a beauty in it that made death seem pleasant.


Author: MillennialFalcon

Hello, I'm Chris(tian). I enjoy a nice bowl of cereal in solitude and anything that can make me laugh. I'm a film major at CSULB with aspirations to write for the big screen or even the little screen. Lately, I've been feeling TV a bit more so. . .who knows? Nice to meet you!

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