Wk. 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

For our group project we decided to do a Doritos commercial. We were in a group chat and when the idea was thrown out a few ideas were thrown into it and we went with the commercial.

We had a general script/idea for it but while in production we decided to add stuff to make it a bit more comedic.

I had a really fun time doing this video. My major is actually in Film (screenwriting) and doing something like this was just a fun little activity that only reinforced my passions.

Here is our group’s video!


Author: MillennialFalcon

Hello, I'm Chris(tian). I enjoy a nice bowl of cereal in solitude and anything that can make me laugh. I'm a film major at CSULB with aspirations to write for the big screen or even the little screen. Lately, I've been feeling TV a bit more so. . .who knows? Nice to meet you!

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