Wk. 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: Wood, Plaster, Foam

Gallery: Max L. Gatov-East

Website: N/A

Instagram: nickbamf4d


About Nick

Nick is in final year at CSULB. In fact, he is set to graduate this semester and he seemed very excited about it. He’s from Huntington Beach, CA so he’s a local artist. Fun fact about Nick: he came to CSULB for the Spanish program because he heard it was really good but he stayed for the Art program. When asked what he does on on his free time he–like many CSULB artists–told us that he just works on his art whenever he gets free time.


Formal Analysis of Nick’s work

Chaotic. There’s no sense of order, yet it remains balanced. Nick claims that his work is “spur of the moment” and one would be inclined to agree because it looks like he piled random things and formed structures from them. There are blacklights that illuminate the room that are installed into the structures which warp the colors present on his work.


Content Analysis of Nick’s work

Nick claims that there were no messages he meant to broadcast in his work. He created his structures to be intuitive. Nick just lets his art happen. Theres a penci sketch that he makes but he still withholds meaning so that meaning comes from somewhere else. He wanted meaning to come from the viewer and the elaborate pieces on display don’t disappoint with material to derive meaning from.


Synthesis of Nick’s work

There’s so much put into these structures that it’s hard to find one uniform idea that carried the structure into existence. But even with all that in the piece, the individual pieces find balance and maintain the structure despite the moving parts and chaotic nature. Support. That’s what I get from his work. I feel like if one piece were to go missing, the entire structure would collapse.



Wk. 13 – Classmate Conversation – Aaron Valenzuela


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Valenzuela. Aaron is majoring in Film, like me. He likes playing soccer,video games, and editing his video gameplay. His favorite teams are Real Madrid and second favorite team is Manchester United. His dream would he to go pro in soccer, but his plan B is something in film. And if that doesn’t work out, he’ll be in Highway Patrol. Aaron has a plan. I asked him what his dream car was and he gave me a look and told me that he’s currently driving his dream car–a 2016 Mustang GT. But he would like a Porsche GT3. He also is a big fan of tacos. Especially from King Taco.

Wk. 12 – Classmate Conversation – Alyssa Castro

This week I had the opportunity to meet
Alyssa Castro. Like many of the students in class, Alyssa is a first year student here at CSULB. She’s majoring in political science because she’s good at it and the process of government interests her. With her degree she plans on doing something in the field of International Relations.
Alyssa dorms here at CSULB since she is originally from Victorville, CA. Alyssa works at Starbucks and when she’s neither at school nor work she’s watching netflix or she’s outdoors camping–things of that “nature”. She also really loves tacos. I asked if she loved Taco bell tacos or Mexican street tacos and I was glad to know she meant Mexican street tacos. And she’d love to get tacos with Kanye West just to hear him talk about whatever it is he feels like talking about.