Wk. 14 – Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

This article was certainly fascinating. Our generation of teens have become so disconnected with each other under the guise that we are actually more connected than ever. Our technology that claims it’s connecting us with friends but we hide from social situations on social media websites. And the comments made on famous Tumblr posts mainly deal with how socially awkward our generation is and the other millions of Tumblr users agree–hence the popular page, so-relatable.
But with this new generation of teens come a new form of advertising. The Web is where teens spend the majority of their time so it’s sensible for advertisers to advertise where the children go. Advertising is seamless nowadays. For example, Instagram recently introduced ads to their app and sometimes they just seem so homogenized in the familiar format. Advertisement posts blend in and look just like other posts so at first glance it seems like just another post from a friend.
We are so much more vulnerable to advertisements in our age. But the technology we use that advertisers find us on has countless possibilities. But we currently use it for such useless things. Memes. That’s the plague of the internet. The capability to communicate with people from across the globe in a blink and we are mostly concerned with Who’s not allowed in and certain bathroom. Our priorities aren’t in order.


Author: MillennialFalcon

Hello, I'm Chris(tian). I enjoy a nice bowl of cereal in solitude and anything that can make me laugh. I'm a film major at CSULB with aspirations to write for the big screen or even the little screen. Lately, I've been feeling TV a bit more so. . .who knows? Nice to meet you!

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