Wk. 15 – Classmate Conversation – Marlon Fernandes


For my final classmate conversation, I had the pleasure of meeting Marlon Fernandes. I previously met Marlon in one of our discussion groups but I didn’t get to talk to him the way I did this week. Marlon was born in Washington D.C. and he lived in Kuwait for SIXTEEN YEARS. He arrived in the US in 2008 and went to Artesia High School. He’s a senior here at CSULB in his 6th year. He’s majoring in Consumer Affairs, Mastering in Emergency Management . He lives in Cerritos now, right around his old high school.On his free time he likes hiking and fishing, just like me. His favorite food is sushi and he loooves the Boiling Crab. Something he also felt necessary to share is that he eats his cereal dry with a cup of lemon juice.


Wk. 14 – Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

This article was certainly fascinating. Our generation of teens have become so disconnected with each other under the guise that we are actually more connected than ever. Our technology that claims it’s connecting us with friends but we hide from social situations on social media websites. And the comments made on famous Tumblr posts mainly deal with how socially awkward our generation is and the other millions of Tumblr users agree–hence the popular page, so-relatable.
But with this new generation of teens come a new form of advertising. The Web is where teens spend the majority of their time so it’s sensible for advertisers to advertise where the children go. Advertising is seamless nowadays. For example, Instagram recently introduced ads to their app and sometimes they just seem so homogenized in the familiar format. Advertisement posts blend in and look just like other posts so at first glance it seems like just another post from a friend.
We are so much more vulnerable to advertisements in our age. But the technology we use that advertisers find us on has countless possibilities. But we currently use it for such useless things. Memes. That’s the plague of the internet. The capability to communicate with people from across the globe in a blink and we are mostly concerned with Who’s not allowed in and certain bathroom. Our priorities aren’t in order.

Wk. 14 – Activity Feedback

One of my favorite activities was the Legal Graffiti. I never had the opportunity to spray on stuff because I never thought myself an artist or someone to deface a wall for art. I also enjoyed the Geocaching activity because those caches have been lying among us for years and this activity helped me unlock them. I also enjoyed Moonbase Alpha since I like to think myself a creative writer.
I didn’t like the Plaster casting since I don’t really have a lot of money so buying supplies was a lot of trouble for me. Same goes with having to spend for shipping on the Art Care Package. I also didn’t like the Photowalk because of its dependency to be done on a certain day.
Overall, the class seemed totally relevant. We were given an Introduction to Visual Arts and after the “What is Art?” Presentation, it can be argued that all of our activities were relevant. Our Discussions, artist conversations, and activities were totally relevant.

Wk. 13 – Classmate Conversation – Aaron Valenzuela


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Valenzuela. Aaron is majoring in Film, like me. He likes playing soccer,video games, and editing his video gameplay. His favorite teams are Real Madrid and second favorite team is Manchester United. His dream would he to go pro in soccer, but his plan B is something in film. And if that doesn’t work out, he’ll be in Highway Patrol. Aaron has a plan. I asked him what his dream car was and he gave me a look and told me that he’s currently driving his dream car–a 2016 Mustang GT. But he would like a Porsche GT3. He also is a big fan of tacos. Especially from King Taco.

Wk. 12 – Classmate Conversation – Alyssa Castro

This week I had the opportunity to meet
Alyssa Castro. Like many of the students in class, Alyssa is a first year student here at CSULB. She’s majoring in political science because she’s good at it and the process of government interests her. With her degree she plans on doing something in the field of International Relations.
Alyssa dorms here at CSULB since she is originally from Victorville, CA. Alyssa works at Starbucks and when she’s neither at school nor work she’s watching netflix or she’s outdoors camping–things of that “nature”. She also really loves tacos. I asked if she loved Taco bell tacos or Mexican street tacos and I was glad to know she meant Mexican street tacos. And she’d love to get tacos with Kanye West just to hear him talk about whatever it is he feels like talking about.


Wk. 10 – Art Experience – Instagram


I loved this week’s Art Experience (despite having to break my “one post per day” rule). But I let my followers know what was going on because I don’t actually post regularly. This project gave me the chance to actually see what my classmates are up to. To give me a peek into their lives to see what other people my age are doing. Since Instagram Day was on a Thursday (most college peoples’ Friday) there was a kickback thrown by a few of my old high school friends so I went to do that. Normally I don’t do that but it was fortunate that I posted myself actually doing something. I posted a smoothie I had after class with an old friend, my favorite little buddy, the moon, and the Body of Christ (Doritos, so goooood).

Here a few of my favorites from #art110s16


Wk. 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Cabanig


Media: Metals

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


About Sean Joy Cabanig

Sean is a student at the CSULB School of Art in her fifth year. She is expecting to graduate very soon and she will be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals. But before going to Metals, she was a studio art major. She’s a SoCal local–born in LA and living in Long Beach. She has a boyfriend and she very much loves him because she smiled the entire time she talked about him (illustrated above). She plays a lot of video games with him.


Sean’s work is. . .beautiful. Each piece is flawlessly made and executed with expertise. She spoke a bit about a ring she made in her gallery and though it seems like a simple piece of jewelry, she emphasized the amount of patience it took to perfect it. She spoke about her process which starts as a concept on paper. . .only the she bends the paper to actually model what she wants to create!



Sean’s work is about her and her emotions in her life. She molds the metals according to her emotions, her surroundings, and thoughts. She even mentioned how her humor plays a huge part in her work.


What does it mean to me?

When I see Sean’s work, I am reminded of how much time and thought is necessary to create a beautiful work of art. That can be translated into any aspect of life when something must be done with 100% planning and effort. The penis piece itself embodied this for me. Upon studying it, I  imagined just how much sculpting and touching up it must have taken to get the intricate details down.